Experience is the driving force. Feel, think, do.

- Henk den Hollander

Investment criteria

The best match

We have the best match with entrepreneurs in the business-to-business facilities who have growth ambitions or are looking for business succession. Our strong entrepreneurial drive is the leading principle for us in the selection process. We exclusively work in partnership with entrepreneurs who have the ambition to make their businesses grow further and aim to make a transformation in terms of quality and professionalism.


  • Focused on growth and the enhancement of quality and professionalism
  • Private companies based in the Netherlands, and possibly active internationally
  • Start-ups only in the facilities sector


  • Business-to-business facilities market, such as cleaning companies, employment agencies, wholesalers and organisational advice agencies in integrated facilities management and energy management
  • Preference for a hospitality component in their DNA


  • €10 to €25 million turnover volume
  • Healthy profit margin
  • Preference for Cire Invest majority interest or co-funding


  • The entrepreneur is looking for support in quality and professionalism, as well as capital to realise growth ambitions
  • The entrepreneur is looking for business succession
  • The entrepreneur wants to operate more in the background and to be less involved in day-to-day operations because of illness or non-business-related personal reasons