Quality is the basis, constant achievement is our aim.

- Eric Wentink


Focus on the human side

Cire Invest helps entrepreneurs to acquire insight into key indicators and their underlying drivers. That enhances companies’ flexibility and gives new insights that contribute to growth. The ‘human side’ of companies is an essential element in this, based on the conviction that it’s people that make the difference. This focus includes a carefully planned approach in which we support entrepreneurs in improving the independence and effectiveness of their businesses. But successful growth doesn’t just depend on the entrepreneur himself or herself, but also on his or her people. So the embedment of cultural values forms an essential element of our vision of entrepreneurship. Because its people are a business’s most important capital: a conviction that has been at our basis for 30 years.


The business-to-business facilities market is characterised by qualities and developments that specifically apply to this sector. Themes such as hospitality, experience and sustainability have become key pillars in the positioning of companies that operate in this market. Because we have experience of doing business in the business-to-business facilities market since 1990, we have highly detailed knowledge of the market that, in combination with our extensive network, enables us to translate our expertise into successful business models. Strengthened by our focus on organisational development, in 30 years we have grown to become an organisation with a turnover of € 250 million.


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  • Business-to-business facilities market

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