We have a clear vision of the future. This vision guides the choices we make.

- Henk den Hollander

Cire Invest


Cire Invest is an investment company with a heart for enterprises and entrepreneurs. As a co-thinker and co-maker we are constantly searching for the balance between market-oriented and organisation-oriented thinking.

We have a strong focus on business-to-business companies that facilitate their clients’ core processes. Companies with a hospitality component in their DNA have our special attention.

We believe in partnership with entrepreneurs who want to grow further and make a transformation in terms of quality and professionalism. So our involvement goes further than funding. In long-term partnerships we support entrepreneurs with strategic marketing, organisational development and finance. After this businesses are able to grow further autonomously, with the extensive network of Cire Invest acting as a catalyst.

The ten current Cire Invest companies, which operate entirely independently under their own brands, presently represent a collective turnover of € 250 million.

30 years of entrepeneurship

Cire Invest was founded on the basis of 30 years of experience of entrepreneurship in the facilities sector. In us, entrepreneurs find an ally with shared insights and an equal dialogue partner that understands the impact of entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurs benefit from our extensive network of advisors, customer contacts and links with co-investors. This network in the facilities market, which we have built up over 30 years, means a guaranteed accelerated growth factor for entrepreneurs.

Quality and professionalism

Our vision and an open dialogue with entrepreneurs lead to fresh insights into the business processes that are essential for the success of a professionalization process. Entrepreneurs can count on our contribution on a strategic level in marketing, organisational development and finance.


We provide capital, so entrepreneurs can make investments in order to achieve their ambitions at a faster pace. This applies to entrepreneurs in the business-to-business facilities market who want to grow or are looking for business succession.